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Everyone can become a coach without a specialized education. You only need to have a love for other people.

To find customers, you firstly need to know who is your perfect client and why. Afterward, you will use marketing to reach potential clients. Inge Rock Certification Program has a complete course on marketing and sales, which adds to all the coaching skills being taught.

There is no need to be a technical person. We shall help you two times per week with a few hours of support, doing everything necessary to put your website, webshop, marketing, tools, etc. online.

This program shall never end. Inge Rock Certification Program is ongoing, meaning you can always participate in the live training. Your student platform stays available, and you can join in all the webinars, for as long as you wish, or as long as you need it.

You can never miss something on our platform. We work with an extended student platform, with over 200+ videos, and all the online support webinars are recorded. You can find those on your student platform.

Absolutely. After you have followed all the lessons, completed your exam and finish the required 35 hours of coaching practice, you receive your certificate.


You can find the links in “Start your Inge Rock Certification Program“, in lesson 2, webinars – webinar recordings.

Return to the previous topic and set the topic to “mark complete” and if necessary, set the lesson to “mark complete.”

If your video is stuck, or a spinning circle appears, that means your the clip is “buffering” or loading. This error is due to a weak internet connection.
By rewinding the video for a few seconds, or skipping through it for a few seconds, you solve the error.

No problem! Continue to lesson 2 and start your Inge Rock Certification Program and press “Webinar recordings.” There is your webinar.

The certificate is received when you complete the exam and finish the 35 coaching hours.


Check your “Spam” and “Promo” folders in your mailbox. If you still have not received anything, send a mail to support@ingerock.com

Parking information is available on the event page, where you booked your ticket. On the right hand of the page, you see a sidebar with all the information, regarding the event.

Visit the event page. On the right hand of the page, you see a sidebar with all the information, regarding the event.

We advise you to arrive at least half an hour before the event starts.

Information on lunch and lunch-related matters are available on the event page, on the right hand of the screen in the sidebar.

Yes. You can upgrade your ticket to VIP. Let us know to cancel the regular ticket via support@ingerock.com
The upgrade process will be faster if you send us the ticket order number via email.

If you would like to sit together with friends or family, and you bought tickets separately, send us an email via support@ingerock.com and notify which ticket order numbers need to sit together.